Ardente LED Shelf Lighting


CAEM's Ardente LED Shelf Lighting

CAEM's Ardente LED Shelf Lighting



Safe & Simple to install, no need for an electrician

• Economical, LED consumption for 1000mm shelf – 7.7 watts

• Available for bay widths, 600mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm

• Low Maintenance, long life LED slimline tubes

• Completely modular, allowing continuous movement of shelves



Easily installed on new or retro-fitted to existing shelves

• 100% Magnetic fittings

• 6400K Bright White Illumination, colour temperature.

• Plug & Play Power Supply Units

• 150 watt ( light up to 16*1000mm shelves )

• 200 watt ( light up to 21*1000mm shelves )

• 250 watt ( light up to 26*1000mm shelves )

• 360 watt ( light up to 37*1000mm shelves )

CAEM's Ardente LED Shelf Lights

CAEM's Ardente LED Shelf Lights



The ARDENTE LED Shelf Lighting system is designed with simplicity in mind

• Power supply plugs into standard wall plug

• Magnetic power track attaches to back panels

• Magnetic power supply attaches to power track

• Magnetic light cable attaches to brackets & clicks into lights.

• Magnetic lights attach to underside of shelves