Monthly Archives: January 2016

A Massive +9% in Facing Merchandising. Interested uh?

Thanks to our unique shelving technology you can increase facing merchandising of around 9%. This means 9% more products displayed. It may mean 9% higher return for your same store if fitted with our technology? 15mm Compact Shelf Hinging price rail to use the space between shelves at 100% Ultralow Bases adding 60mm Ask us for…
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How about Wider Aisles?

Our unique 'Central Back Panels' are designed with incredible features. One way to obtain advantages from them, is to improve the shelving solution you currently use to have Larger Aisles.   Consider your shelving system today has Bases, and Shelves, of 40cm. With the central back panels, you can now use our Base of 37cm. Thanks to our…
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If you had +8% Surface per Shelf?

Whichever shelving system you are using today in your stores, CAEM has the compatible solutions for you to maintain your format yet taking advantage of the unique 'Central Back Panel' system. One way to convert the features of the Central Back Panels into advantages is to have 'bigger shelves'. Example. If today you use 37cm shelves,…
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