If you had +8% Surface per Shelf?

Whichever shelving system you are using today in your stores, CAEM has the compatible solutions for you to maintain your format yet taking advantage of the unique 'Central Back Panel' system.

One way to convert the features of the Central Back Panels into advantages is to have 'bigger shelves'.

Example. If today you use 37cm shelves, only with CAEM you can:

  • keep the same format, 50mm or 25mm shelving (or others)
  • keep the same facing merchandising
  • increase the shelf surface from 37cm to 40cm, with an incredible +8% of shelving throughout the store(s)

Imagine the same store format you have run for long time. Now you can achieve exactly the same, maintaining compatibility of structure and accessories, but achieving +8% space in the shelving system.

In some ways, it's like renting an 8% bigger unit by simply adopting CAEM systems! But with CAEM it would happen in the same units, same format. This is Shelving Engineering.

Contact CAEM to understand how to....?

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