How about Wider Aisles?

Our unique 'Central Back Panels' are designed with incredible features. One way to obtain advantages from them, is to improve the shelving solution you currently use to have Larger Aisles.


Consider your shelving system today has Bases, and Shelves, of 40cm.

With the central back panels, you can now use our Base of 37cm.

Thanks to our incredibly wide catalog offer, strong of a multi million investment in flexible mass manufacturing technologies, we offer you various options of shelf design with:

  • a depth of 40cm like you used before
  • a cutout at the back so it will sit on a 37cm Base and Bracket.

A wide variety of sizes is obviously available, from 17cm to 77cm.

The smaller bases make the aisle 6cm wider, delivering advantages of:

  • in a small stores, where aisles can be very small, an increase in comfort of the shopping experience, thanks to aisles +5% wider
  • in bigger stores with a few gondola runs, there could be space for an extra Gondola run

central backs panel

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