Portfolio Category: Gondola Shelving


TN9 Shelving System is based on the unique TN9 upright profile which allows infinite options in terms of configurations and options. TN9 applications extends to every retail market.  
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The shape of the upright and joint of the base interact to deliver an unseen torque resistance to load. Uprights are available in several sizes to match your needs of floor capacity and space saving. Bases are available in two heights and the selection will depend on where the base shelf is required: a lower…
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THE FULLY MODULAR QUEUE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Q25 has evolved from the popular M25 system but can utilise accessories from either the M25 or S50 range which expands the Queue Management Systems’ choice of solutions. Because the structure originated from mass produced gondola shelving systems, we believe this solution can fit a retailer’s requirement for a…
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