The shape of the upright and joint of the base interact to deliver an unseen torque resistance to load. Uprights are available in several sizes to match your needs of floor capacity and space saving. Bases are available in two heights and the selection will depend on where the base shelf is required: a lower base shelf is normally the preferred option. Additional shelves, which are compatible with many of the CAEM shelving systems, can take high weight loading with a narrow profile, therefore offering additional merchandising space. The combination of extra facing area with the increased flexibility offered by the 25mm shelving pitch and the new hinged EPOS rail delivers increased returns for the retailer

The most demanding merchandising needs are easily manageable with M25. Thanks to the slimmer profile of the shelves, a greater number of levels can be installed, for improved shelf management and merchandise visability. Products can also be displayed in the space between the top of the shelf to underneath the next shelf, behind the hinged EPOS rail.

The M25 System is the modular shelving system based on 25mm uprights slots. It is designed and developed for food and non food retail environments. Main Features

  • Central Back Panels saving 6% floorspace or increasing 6% shelf surface
  • Slim Shelves improving 15% Facing Merchandising

Upright available in 8x3 and 11x3 sections to cater different loading needs, with 25mm slots for brackets and frontal back panels and 50mm side-slots for central back panels

Base is available in Height H=10cm and H=15cm and patent pending unique connection with the upright

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